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Roma, 26th of September 2011
To United Nations Organization:
1 Department of Political Affairs
2 Electoral Assistance Division (EAD)
To Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe:
1 The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)
Request for ONU and OCSE observatories for the Romanian political elections of 2012
The Romanian Party in Italy, “Partidul Identitatea Romaneasca - PIR”, is an organization formed by Romanians who are legally residing in Italy and an expression of the millions of Romanians who live and work abroad because of the serious political socio-economic conditions that Romania has been facing for several years;
1 That millions of Romanians who have emigrated abroad in search of better living conditions are concerned and alarmed by the social and political situation in Romania, a situation we strongy believe is due to the activity of all political parties in Romania and is the main cause of the emigration of Romanians abroad, of which about two million live and work in Italy.
2 That democratic life and politics in Romania is now marked by a serious systemic crisis, in which the political forces who rule the country occupy every powerful institution of Romanian social and political life, starting with the Prefecture, to the hospitals, the institutional and governmental functions, and even the judiciary institutions, are no longer a free expression of the Romanian democratic state, but are exclusively controlled by the Romanian parties that succeed to power.
3 That after more than 20 years of political trade-offs between the Romanian parties, Romania's social and political system has entered into a delicate and dangerous phase. It is increasingly difficult for the political parties in charge, and their leaders and representatives, to distinguish between the general interest of Romanian people and their own personal interests. So much so, that they perpetuate their own power at the expense of the people, who are always under-represented and under-protected. This in turn leads to the loss of human and constitutional rights, such as education, health, pension, and the ability to live in dignity within their own country.
4 That Romania is currently going through a phase of severe shortage of legality because those who hold political power are not willing to lose this power and to leave to the sovereign people the free use of the electoral process.
5 That the electoral process in Romania during the recent years has suffered serious attacks on its legitimacy and legality from all political forces who have practiced every possible form of manipulation on the population's will, and on the free determination of the Romanian political consciousness.
6 That the bargain voting, the electoral tourism organized often by figures of institutional importance at local levels, the multiple voting, the voting touted in exchange for material goods or food, the organization of voting specially for the Romanians abroad by the political parties, through a chain of illegal Romanian representation offices that were turned into polling stations, whom at the last presidential elections in Romania, have produced in cities like Paris, an unbelievable voting ratio of one person voting every 20 seconds, according to the official percentages of registered voters, seriously undermines the legality of the entire electoral process.
7 That due to the lack of legality of the electoral process, Romania is likely to slip into an oligarchy determined to consolidate its power over the political, institutional and civil field, where the political power is and will be held by the same caste of politicians who use to their own good the Romanian economic resources, as it happened in the last 20 years in the total absence of law.
8 That during the supplementary elections held in two colleges on August 2011, in the districts of Maramures and Piatra Neamt, there were clear law violations, especially from the parties forming the government, when they invaded the colleges with visual media and campaign materials, violating every rule of common sense and legality.
9 That in the absence of law and democratic freedoms, it will be more and more difficult for the Romanians abroad to find the necessary conditions for their reintegration into the Romanian society that seems to have developed a tacit acceptance of this large scale emigration which allows the political power to neutralize, electorally speaking, millions of citizens, considered as pure statistical numbers with no social, political or civil rights.
10 That the international institutions that should guard the legality of electoral processes in countries where democratic freedoms, also the electoral ones, are not yet fully matured and achieved, can contribute, with their active surveillance, to the establishing of political and electoral processes in which the legality is the rule not the exception as it is now in Romania.
11 That at the end of each electoral campaign in the last 20 years we have seen numerous scandals and reciprocal accusations of electoral fraud between the Romanian parties, intensely publicized by the media, and several politicians even admitted publicly the political fraud: "They won because their people have stolen more than ours!"
12 That a bigger attention of the international institutions responsible for monitoring international democratic processes and electoral processes to the Romanian political climate and electoral legality could lead to a significant improvement of the legality among Romania's electoral process
For all the above mentioned reasons, the Romanian Party in Italy, Romanian Identity “Partidul Identitatea Romaneasca - PIR",
That the ONU’s Department of Political Affairs, the ONU’s Electoral Assistance Office, the OCSE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to dispose those acts and procedures they deem necessary to ensure that during the upcoming Romanian elections, that shall be held on 2012, ONU and OCSE’s observers will be present both inside the Romanian colleges in Romania and abroad, in order to restore the legality of the democratic electoral process in Romania, so that the political forces could finally rely on democratic state institutions, neutral enough to allow the holding of regular elections, based on following the law and both the internal and the International rules, institutions that would be immune from the present continuing deterioration of both the impartiality of the state’s organisms and the pollution of the processes of voting, now based on the acquisition of consent, not through a free voting conscience, but instead through voting merchandising and electoral fraud that totally invalidates the legitimacy of the law in detriment of the Romanian people.
The interest of the Party of Romanians in Italy , “Romanian Identity”, in advancing this request is:
That any political force in Romania that would win the elections to be entirely legal and the victory to be justified by a genuine electoral consensus so that we can finally start that true democratic process that allows all citizens of Romania, including those abroad, to feel and actually be real citizens in a true democratic state.
We therefore call on OCSE and ONU to take action inside their International prerogatives, including by setting up a procedure to check the current situation of both democratic and electoral process in Romania, in order to ensure a legal, democratic electoral process during the general election of 2012 by guaranteeing the presence of international observers.
Rome 26th of September 2011
Mihai Muntean - General Secretary
Vicentiu Acostandei - Chairman
Costel Adjudeanu – Piemonte rappresentative



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